The Technology Rock, Sand & Gravel

When the design of your home has been finalised, our engineer designed high velocity architectural system will be created off-site with millimetre-perfect precision. The external walls are then craned into place, wall by wall, and fixed into place to last forever. Your home will generally be at lock-up stage within 10 days – roof on and ready for the interior fitout.

Week 1-3

Walls erected roof trusses installed & slab poured

Week 3-5

Roof finished, Internal framing erected & Windows installed

Week 5-7

Gyprock sheeting installed, ceramic tiling and joinery installed

Week 7-10

Painting completed, skirting and architraves installed doors hung and final touch ups. Your home. In 10 weeks.

Versatile Exterior Looks

Made from natural and environmentally-friendly materials, our solid external panels can be cast, treated or clad to achieve almost any look you desire - for example, we can make it look like sandstock block work, we can colour the concrete or mix it with attractive aggregate, we can create a rendered finish, or it can be clad with weatherboard. We can even polish a feature wall.

Any Choice of Interior Fitout

On the inside, you can also achieve any look you desire. Clients most often choose to line internally with standard gyprock or plasterboard on a timber stud wall, which allows for normal wiring, plumbing and painting. However, the walls can be left raw, painted, polished or lined with timber or other materials. Your home can be as unique as you like.

Panels with Superior Thermal Performance

Whichever way you choose to dress the panels up or down, the incredible thermal performance of our wall panels mean that your need for heating and cooling is vastly reduced. We also help you to achieve good passive solar design during the design stage for your block, so the panels receive and hold maximum amount of heat during winter but keep the home cool during summer. Your electricity and gas bills should be less than in a brick veneer house. Forever.

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