There are many other reasons to choose to work with V10, apart from the speed of the build:

One Stop Service

We can be a one-stop service: we can help you design your home, we provide all the support and technology, we organise the build, help you choose your interiors then supervise the fit out.

The similarities?

You have almost unlimited design choices: Bring us your own architect-designed plans or a sketch of your thoughts – we can deliver whatever you have dreamed. Alternatively, we have ready-made house plans that may appeal or we have architects who can work with you to come up with something unique to suit your budget.

We can provide you with any look you like: On the exterior, you can choose a rendered finish, a sandstone look, you can attach weatherboard cladding or choose something else entirely. Inside, you can have any look you like.

Design Flexibility

There are several. Rapid build-time means reduced associated costs – less cost in multiple moves, rent and storage. Our thoughtful approach to the building process keeps building waste to a minimum – it’s cleaner, cheaper and faster. But best of all, the incredible thermal performance of our material provides a superior acoustic environment, substantially reducing outside noise. And your heating and cooling costs are cut to an absolute minimum. For life.

Efficient Process

Carefully engineered with millimetre-perfect precision, our specially designed panels fit exactly, providing airtight efficiency, an ability to know that pre-ordered windows and doors will always fit and providing much easier working parameters for tradespeople, saving time and money.

Quick building time: reduced stress and cost savings associated with a very short build time - move only once and save on rent, storage, moving bills and family stress.

Building efficiencies: there is reduced building waste, no waiting around due to the severe shortage in bricklayers; vastly reduced builders rubbish and tip fees.

Guaranteed building schedules: The external walls are installed first then the floor slab is poured – this means reduced delays and the weather doesn’t matter!

Environmental Benefits

Our special mix of rock, sand & gravel is environmentally friendly – no fossil fuel emissions due to burning of furnaces to fire clay bricks.

Your home will have superior bushfire resistance: our materials are recommended by experts for bushfire prone areas. It is also exceptional in areas of high ground movement and will resist severe storms.

Your home will have superior thermal mass allowing for heating and cooling efficiency (save thousands in heating and cooling bills). In winter, the panels will store the sun’s heat during the day and release it slowly during the night. In summer the internal temperatures are stabilised.

Our low maintenance materials are also white-ant resistant.

Personal Concierge Service

We provide you with a personal concierge service to facilitate your build: we assist you to make the right choices in a timely manner. Unlike other processes that can require you to sign a contract with all fitout choices made in one day (which can end up making it costly, time consuming and stressful to change your choices later) we let you take your time and we assist you to find whatever fittings and finishes you like. We are a boutique service and you benefit from our small company friendly professional service.

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