• Velocity 10 property group is a design focused project management company delivering high quality architect designed homes for residents and investors. Privately owned and managed by professionals with over 30 years experience, V10 employs innovative, cutting-edge technology.
  • Our team of architects and designers will work with you to create something special. Your personal concierge will assist you throughout the process and with viewing and selecting finishes.
  • V10 provides a boutique experience and a new home in as little as ten weeks*. And generally it won’t cost more than a conventional build.

How is this possible?

When you have decided on your style, design and architectural features, the structural elements of your home are created off site in just a few days. Then the slab is poured and the internal fit out begins on site. No trade delays. No weather delays. No problems.

The similarities?

Like most homes built from scratch, your V10 home will look exactly as you wish, inside and out. Whether it’s a cute Highlands style colonial cottage or a contemporary pavilion-style sensation, your home will be stylish and personalised, because you choose how it looks.

The differences?

There are several. Rapid build-time means reduced associated costs – less cost in multiple moves, rent and storage. Our intelligent approach to the building process keeps building waste to a minimum – it’s greener, cleaner, cheaper and faster. But best of all, the incredible thermal performance of our material provides a superior acoustic environment, substantially reducing outside noise. And your heating and cooling costs are cut to an absolute minimum. For life.

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